At the training centre of the new High-tech Centre for Orthotics and Prosthetics the exceptional Ossur bionic product – the intelligent knee joint RHEO KNEE Lauch took place in July the 13th 2006.The product and its application was introduced by international team of the presenters – Kjartan Gunnsteinsson (CPO, Iceland), Jamie Gillespie (CPO, GB), Bjorg Birgisdottir (manager, Sweden) and Gabriela Birgusova (physioterapist, Czech Republic). RHEO KNEE is the first prosthetic knee joint with the microprocessor control and artificial intelligence that adapts to individual gait of the user. The inseparable part was the theoretical and practical session. The general public i.e. physicians, physiotherapists, CPO, universities and health insurance companies representatives, patients and medium representatives accepted our invitation.
More about bionic technology by Ossur see bionics.ossur.com

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